Every business faces similar questions when considering an investment in online marketing.

  • What’s the right strategy?
  • What technologies do you need to be successful now and in the future?
  • How does online marketing tie in with your other marketing activities?
  • How much should you invest?
  • How will your business stand out amidst all the online marketing “clutter?”
  • How do you measure success?
  • What resources are needed to make it happen?

Orion Wellspring is your partner and guide in making the most of your online marketing investment. We work with you to define a strategy, timeline and budget for creating an effective online presence that supports your business goals.

Our approach begins and ends with your business objectives. We only recommend those internet marketing components that will really contribute toward your goals. Orion Wellspring will also ensure that your online marketing programs amplify and support existing marketing initiatives.

One of the advantages of online marketing tools is that you can easily measure important aspects of your internet marketing program. Orion Wellspring provides analytics and the understanding of them needed to help you make informed decisions about your online marketing initiatives.

Explore our services to discover how Orion Wellspring can boost your online marketing results. Then call or e-mail us for your free consultation.

Representative Clients

Advisor’s Edge Marketing – Advisor’s Edge Marketing was founded by Brandon Stuerke in 2011. His firm helps financial advisors across the U.S. build strategic relationships with CPAs through marketing automation and technology. Orion Wellspring provides content management services to the firm for its weekly newsletter to client advisors.

Alive & Shine Center – The Alive and Shine Center provides yoga training for individuals and groups, as well as educational materials and nutritional products to support a healthy lifestyle.  The founders have established the College of Purna Yoga which trains teachers in the specific principles of the Purna Yoga discipline.  Orion Wellspring helped the Alive and Shine Center redesign and streamline its website, and add and e-commerce capability for its products.

Broadvox Communications – Broadvox is a VoIP service provider for business telecommunications. It offers voice and data network solutions for telecommunications, cable, and wireless carriers, as well as Internet service providers,  and various other business partners. Orion Wellspring developed a blogging site as an adjunct to the firm’s primary website to allow the company to better engage with its wide variety of different customers.

ChildLife Essentials – ChildLife Essentials was founded by Dr. Murray Clarke and provides a complete line of nutritional supplements designed specifically for infants and children. the company has a distribution network of several hundred stores. Orion Wellspring developed a new website for the firm to showcase its brands and provide a store finder service for customers.

David Gray Construction – Established in 1986, David Gray Construction has developed a reputation of business integrity and building excellence in residential remodeling and custom homes. Orion Wellspring designed a website which allowed the company’s clients and prospects to browse its stunning catalog of custom built homes in the Pacific Northwest.

Key Compounding Pharmacy – Key Pharmacy is a growing compounding pharmacy which prepares thousands of custom formulations for patients across the United States. Orion Wellspring facilitated a series of strategic planning sessions with company executives. This effort resulted in the company’s ability to formulate a competitive strategy and identify market opportunities that leverage the firm’s unique capabilities. We also redesigned the company’s website, and established a nationwide webinar program which allowed naturopathic physicians to earn continuiing education credits.

Lipsology – Lipsology is a firm providing entertainment services to organizations hosting employee appreciation and other types of events.  Founder Jilly Eddy has provided lip print reading services to the delight of people at some of the biggest companies in the country. Orion Wellspring helped her create a website that allows clients to book her services, buy her book, and sign up to become certified “lipsologists.”

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