Not for Profit

As a not for profit organization, you face many challenges:

  • How can you most effectively communicate your mission and values?
  • How do you find and engage those stakeholders who are vital to fulfilling your mission?
  • What are the most effective ways to create and manage campaigns to expand your donor base?
  • How do you innovate with limited resources to meet the changing needs of the communities you serve?

Today’s not for profit organization has many tools at its disposal to respond to these challenges.  But using them effectively requires strategy and understanding tailored to the particular characteristics of your organization.  The same techniques that might work well for a commercial enterprise will not necessarily work in the not for profit environment.

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Representative Clients

American Lung Association – One of the initiatives of the Mountain Pacific chapter of the American Lung Association is to promote lung health by increasing awareness of in-home environmental pollutants and encouraging action to reduce exposure. Orion Wellspring helped the Mountain Pacific chapter of the American Lung Association rebrand this program, known as the Master Home Environmentalist program, using an approach which focused on the organization’s core values and expertise in the area of indoor air quality.

Archbright (formerly Washington Employers Association) – Archbright is a member-based organization, serving more than 1,200 member-employers. Since 1936, member companies have relied upon it to be their single source for consultation on all matters affecting the employer-employee relationship.  Orion Wellspring helped Washington Employers develop a competitive analysis and strategy.  As part of this effort, we also created a competitive database to better track competitors.

Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation – Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu has devoted his life to peace.  The mission of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation is to end conflict at every level of society – personal, community, and national leading to global peace.  Once of its principal aims is to engage young people,in the quest for sustainable peace.   Orion Wellspring designed and developed a website in an online magazine format to reflect the charter of the organization.  We also provided web / content management services which included recruiting guest bloggers from its primary demographic.

Edge Foundation – Founded in 2006 by FlexCar founder Neil Peterson, the Edge Foundation is committed to providing professional coaches for students with learning challenges stemming from ADHD and adverse childhood experiences, to help them realize their potential and become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Orion Wellspring designed and built a new website for the foundation, and helped the organization develop new marketing collateral, implement a public relations strategy to expand awareness of their mission and obtain funding, and launched a content plan to engage and track the foundation’s multiple audiences.

Puget Sound Spine Society – The Puget Sound Spine Society (PSSS) is a regional organization of health-care practitioners who treat the spine.  The goal of PSSS is to provide a forum to disseminate and discuss best practices in the care of the spine including, pain, rehabilitation, and surgical issues. Orion Wellspring set up a membership site which allowed the organization to track annual membership, share articles and presentations,  and inform members of upcoming events.

United Employers Association – Established in 1906, United Employers Association provides Oregon and Washington employers with HR solutions, assistance with employee relations and labor relations, training, pay and benefit surveys, and much more.  Orion Wellspring  provided strategic planning services to help United Employers  expand both its membership and its service offerings.

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