Below are the services we provide for our clients.

Site audit – You know you want to update your website, but you want some guidance to help you make changes that will have a positive impact on your visitors.  We can prepare a site audit to quickly identify those areas that need changing.  This report can help guide your planning for a site update.

Website design & development – Your website is the anchor of your online strategy. All other components in your internet marketing mix should lead back to your website.  A site should be an active, up-to-date resource for visitors to ensure continued growth.

e-Mail marketing – E-mail is one of the best ways to keep in touch with customers, prospects, and other visitors to your site. E-mail design of attractive and informative messages can create and sustain interest in your products and services. An effective E-mail design process encompasses graphic design, programming, and analytics that support marketing campaigns reflecting management decisions.

Social Media – Want to build a large audience? Start with a lot of small audiences. The use of social media tools and technologies is an important way for you to engage the audience you want to reach. The goal is to establish communities around your offering that builds loyalty. Providing a smooth integration between your social media pages and website can significantly amplify your web presence.

e-Commerce – Designing an effective sales process is critical for businesses engaged in selling products or services via the internet.  This involves creating a compelling value proposition for buyers, making it easy for them to understand their options and select the desired products, and designing a checkout experience that is fast, secure and uncomplicated.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – Search is the tool that customers use to find everything.  Making sure your site is optimized for and properly indexed by search engines is a key factor in how your site will be ranked in search results.  Effective search engine optimization (SEO) requires an understanding of how your site’s structure and content are analyzed by search engines to determine its relevance for search keywords.  SEO also involves a systematic approach to establishing your site’s authority through link building campaigns.

SEO assessment – The SEO assessment evaluates practices being used in the structuring and presentation of its website which can influence its search engine rankings for critical keywords.  The report provides recommendations for improving your search rankings and meeting your business goals for your site.

Web content management – While blogging is an effective audience-building technique, it does take time.  Many authors are already multi-tasking trying to write, edit and market their work and may not have the time to invest in regular blogging.  If that is the case for you, Orion Wellspring can help by writing blog posts for you.

Podcasts & video blogging – There are hundreds of millions of mobile digital media devices in use today with the capability for audio and video.  Multimedia is a personal and engaging way to connect with your audience.  Use our multimedia experience to help you reach them.

Blog tour – Take your book on a virtual tour to blogs that will help you connect with interested readers and generate sales.

Book trailer – Create a compelling 2-3 minute video introduction to your book to post on YouTube and many other Internet video sites and generate sales.

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